The LifeLine Canada Foundation (TLC)

Dedicated to Positive Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Do you or someone you care about struggle with thoughts of suicide or other mental health issues? The Lifeline Canada Foundation is here to help.

The guides, tools and resources throughout this site represent a compilation of resources from various sources across the Globe as noted. When clicking 3rd party links, you will be redirected to websites not affiliated to but with the underlying support of The LifeLine Canada Foundation.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation (also known as TLC) is a registered non-profit, committed to positive mental health and suicide prevention across Canada and Worldwide. TLC is not a crisis hotline.  If your life is in danger or you know someone’s life is in danger, DIAL 911 EMERGENCY NOW.  For Worldwide Emergency numbers click here. For Canada, United States and International Crisis Centres click here.

Along with constantly developing new positive mental health initiates, The Foundation presently runs 3 main programs: The LifeLine website, The LifeLine Mobile App  and Companion Paws Therapy Dogs.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation’s website is both a platform for information about the Foundation’s initiatives as well as a one stop portal, through which an extensive amount of support, guidance, intervention, information, education, resources, pattern interrupts, guides and tools are right at one’s fingertips, compiled from various, credited sources across the Globe.

Mission Statement. To aid in suicide reduction across Canada by raising awareness of risk factors, providing access to online resources options, and promoting local programs to build mental health resilience for all.

Vision Statement. To continue to lower the risk of suicide to where it is a rare event across the country and to build mental health resilience for all.

Values Statement. To assist in reducing the stigma around mental health conditions, and to promote evidence based resources and programs with integrity, respect and inclusion.

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The LifeLine App

The LifeLine App is a free Suicide Prevention and Awareness App that offers access and guidance to support for those suffering in crisis, and those who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one from suicide, as well as for those struggling with any degree of anxiety or depression. The LifeLine App also provides awareness, education and prevention strategies to guide people in crisis. More…

The LifeLine App has several main goals:

– One touch dialing from anywhere in Canada
– Fast and easy access to crisis centres all across Canada
– Connect someone in crisis with the support and guidance they need 24/7
– Aid in suicide prevention
– Build suicide awareness
– Help guide loved ones left behind after a suicide

Includes direct access to;

– Online Chat, Text and Email Crisis Help
– Canadian Crisis Line Centres Mapping
– Self Management tools
– ECounselling
– Pattern Interrupts (to interrupt the pattern of suicide ideation)
– Mental Health Apps from across the Globe
– Attempt Survivor support Access
– Canadian and Global Online Resources
– International Crisis Lines

Companion Paws

Companion Paws has several programs. For our adoption programs, Companion Paws is dedicated to supporting Canadians in need while also providing a second chance for pets in rescues. The main programs are the Companion Paws Personal Pre-Trained Therapy Dog Adoption Program, Assisted Pre-Trained Therapy Dog Adoption Program, and the program to Certify Your Own Dog.  These programs are available in all Provinces across Canada, and all information regarding the steps involved, are available on

companion paws canada

Need Help?

The Need Help Section of the App allows one to discover: Crisis Centres in Canada and Worldwide; Call, Text, Chat and Email crisis lines; Emergency numbers and resources to Search for a Professional. There, one will also find tools for Coping with suicidal thoughts and how you can help someone. It also explores warning signs as well as many other guides, tools and resources. More…

Resources Gallery

People contemplating suicide or experiencing the depths of a severe depression need to know they are not alone. Our Resources Gallery includes crisis centers, a library of resources, pattern interrupts, resource organizations, guides and toolkits.  More

Pattern Interrupts

Use a pattern interrupt to redirect your attention anytime you want to change your state. You will find emotional support and inspiring videos, resource’s to do with self-management, acts of kindness, coping mechanisms, comedy, ways to transform negative thoughts, ecounselling, improving your mood, life changing books, an inspirational image gallery and more

Get Involved

We are looking for dedicated and committed volunteers for short, long term and task specific help.
There are many opportunities available. Please fill out the Volunteer Application and we look
forward to talking to you. More…

Make a Contribution

The LifeLine Canada Foundation’s mission is to open minds, save lives and restore hope. Whether it be through the information provided on the LifeLine Canada’s website, through the LifeLine App or through Companion Paws Canada or any of our new and upcoming initiatives, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the suicide rate and promote positive mental health. More…

Suicide is a serious public health problem that have lasting, harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities. It’s an issue that is still surrounded by fear, shame, and silence. By breaking through the barrier of stigma and openly addressing the factors that contribute to suicide, we can all take a more active and effective role in helping to prevent it and support those who are bereaved.

Our secret weapon is ourselves, our families and our friends. Using The LifeLine App as a first go-to tool, with instant guidance and support to help prevent suicides, build awareness, support survivors of suicide and work to eliminate the stigma surrounding suicide.

The effects on family and friends left picking up the shattered pieces after a suicide are so devastating and destructive. It can get so much worse before it gets better. It is a very long windy road of healing. The grief changes shape, but it never really ends.

Guidance, Love and Support are KEY.

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