About Us

The LifeLine Canada Foundation (or TLC) is a registered non-profit, committed to positive mental health and suicide prevention & awareness and is constantly developing new initiatives in support of these goals.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation is not a crisis hotline. If in Crisis, call or text 988 for Canada’s new suicide prevention hotline. If you or someone you know is in danger of hurting themselves or others, call 911 immediately. See our directory of mental health crisis support in your area.

The LifeLine Canada Foundation

The LifeLine Canada Foundation (TLC) is committed to the prevention of suicide and positive mental health in Canada and Worldwide. TLC has made work in this area a top priority. We envision a country where suicide is a rare event, where people are nurtured and supported, where individuals and families are aware of the risk factors for suicide and actively seek help from accessible, effective community resources.

Presently, our main programs are:

We have several other life changing initiatives coming soon in 2023! Some of the activities include the expansion of The LifeLine App, expansion of TLC’s website, resources and services, a human approach online self management program for mental health struggles developed in collaboration with mental health professionals, expansion of TLC’s Companion Paws website as well as further expansion into animal assisted therapy.

Mission Statement

To aid in suicide reduction across Canada by raising awareness of risk factors, providing access to online resources options, and promoting local programs to build mental health resilience for all.

Vision Statement

To continue to lower the risk of suicide to where it is a rare event across the country and to build mental health resilience for all.

Values Statement

To assist in reducing the stigma around mental health conditions, and to promote evidence based resources and programs with integrity, respect and inclusion.