Pattern Interrupts

Pattern Interrupts are a way to change a person’s state or strategy. We all have behavior patterns that are habit sequences or mental pathways.

Usually habits are useful. Auto pilot means our brains have become so efficient at doing something we can tune out our conscious minds.

We get dressed, drive, walk, clean our teeth in ways that don’t need much mental attention. Patterns can be our downfall too.  Our unconscious excels at running patterns or programs automatically. This frees our conscious resources to ponder other matters while we perform certain activities unconsciously.

This sometimes can present a problem when trying to change your own or someone else’s habitual patterns of thought, emotion or behavior. You want to change but your unconscious keeps doing the same thing over and over and over.

It is useful to interrupt your own or someone else’s when stuck in an unresourceful state. Like getting caught in a negative spiral.  You can find excellent Pattern Interrupts for you below.