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Mental fitness is defined as a state of well-being and having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act. It means keeping your brain and emotional health in good shape. It doesn’t mean acing a test or practicing memory games or thinking puzzles, but rather exercises that keep you mentally well and build up your resilience to stress.

While brain-training apps will never completely take the place of face-to-face intervention and prevention approaches, Apps can also be gateway treatments that empower the individual to make positive changes, which can then lead to seek out other health promotion tools. And while technology can help sharpen the brain and calm the nerves, true mental health is much more holistic. What’s most important is feeling you have meaning in life and social connections.

Interactive Apps

Improve cognitive abilities, such as memory and concentration, with sleek, fun and addictive games designed by neuroscientists. Users can track progress and access insights about overall brain health. Competitive players can challenge friends, too. After an initial quiz, the app adapts each game’s difficulty to your profile and gives you recommendations based on your results. Developers found that users saw improvement by spending at least 20 minutes, two to three times a week, playing the games. CogniFit offers monthly ($19.99/mo) and annual ($119.99/yr) subscription packages.

Train your brain to be happier? Yep, research shows that some activities help build your ability to conquer negative thoughts, show gratitude, cope with stress, and empathize — all essential ingredients for a fuller, happier life. Using fundamentals of positive psychology, which involves focusing on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to create fulfilling lives, the app’s quizzes, polls and gratitude journal — combined with a positive community — gradually teach life-changing habits. The goal is to build these skills and keep users smiling all day. (Free; available for iOS)

Eidetic uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorise anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts. It works differently from typical brain training apps by using items that have meaning and context. Perfect for students looking to remember those key facts or anyone who wants to remember friends phone numbers, new bank details or just cool words, quotes or facts you come across. Eidetic uses notifications to remind you when it’s time to test yourself. By spacing the tests out over time it helps you to retain the information in long-term memory, this is known as the ‘spacing effect’.

Links, Exercises & Puzzles

Are you ready for the challenge? In this section, you’ll face best brain puzzles which will test your logic and reasoning skills! Word brain puzzles help you to develop your focus and fluency. If you like crosswords, you will definitely love these. Suitable for both kids and adults.

Challenge your cognitive abilities, discover how brains work or test you pattern recognition, language and logic skills. Here are 25 Brain Teasers, Puzzles & Games from

If you REALLY like exercising your brain, figuring things ’round and ’round till you explode, then this is the page for you! Whosoever shall solve these puzzles shall Rule The Universe… or at least they should.

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