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The LifeLine App is the National free Suicide Prevention and Awareness App that offers access and guidance to support for those suffering in crisis and those who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one from suicide. The LifeLine App also provides awareness education and prevention strategies to guide people in crisis all across the Globe.

The LifeLine App has several main goals:

– One touch dialing from anywhere in Canada
– Fast and easy access to crisis centres all across Canada
– Connect someone in crisis with the support and guidance they need 24/7
– Aid in suicide prevention
– Build suicide awareness
– Help guide loved ones left behind after a suicide

The LifeLine App also includes direct access to:

– Online Chat, Text and Email Crisis Help
– Canadian Crisis Line Centres Mapping
– Self Management tools
– ECounselling
– Pattern Interrupts (to interrupt the pattern of suicide ideation)
– Mental Health Apps from across the Globe
– Attempt Survivor support Access
– Canadian and Global Online Resources
– International Crisis Lines

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Everyone seems to have been affected by suicide in one way or another. It could be a family member, friend, colleague or someone close. It touches all of our lives and the effects can impact the survivors for a lifetime. The LifeLine was developed through dedication to helping others who have been affected by suicide as a centralized tool to access and connect with accredited resources in Canada and Worldwide.

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