Resources for TLC Volunteers



Non Disclosure Agreement

Approved Personal Adoption Agreement

Approved Assisted Adoption Agreement

Adjudicator and Assessor Contract

Waiver  for Adjudicaors and Assessors


TLC Maps

TLC Organizational Chart

TLC Management Map

TLC Map Notifyers


Current TLC Emails

Liane Weber –

Volunteer Coordinator –

Admin Manager – TBA

Companion Paws Manager – TBA

Marketing Manager –

Adjudicator Manager –

Crisis Counsellor –

Intake and Follow-up counsellor email –


Companion Paws Resources and Documents

CPC Adoption Program Flow Chart

CPC Certify Your Own Dog Program Flow Chart

CPC Visiting Therapy Dog Facilitation Flow Chart

First Temperament Assessment;

Companion Paws Temperament Assessment

Final Evaluation;

Testing Guidelines for Handlers

Testing Guidelines for Adjudicators

Companion Paws Therapy Dog Evaluation

Final Evaluation Marking Test

Registration Documents;

Please choose from the documents below, your requested designation(s). Complete all documentation and send them back to us by email to If they are requesting more than 1 designation, they must complete all documentation for each designation separately.


Personal Therapy Dog Designation Registration Documents


Assisted Therapy Dog Designation Registration Documents

Assisted Therapy Dog Teams Rules


Visiting Therapy Dog Designation Registration Documents

Visiting Therapy Dog Team Rules

Visiting Therapy Dog Volunteer Liability Waiver


Follow-Up Forms

Companion Paws certified PERSONAL designation Follow-Up (Certify Your Own Dog Program)

Companion Paws PERSONAL ADOPTION Follow-Up (CPC Adoption Program)

These forms will be completed online by members through our software program NEON


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