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Current TLC Emails

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Organization and Program Websites

The LifeLine Canada Foundation

Companion Paws Canada 


Social Medias

TLC Facebook

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The LifeLine Canada Foundation (TLC) Videos

TLC Introduction

Companion Paws Program Videos

Companion Paws Introduction

Personal Therapy Dog Adoption Program 

Assisted Therapy Dog Adoption Pogram

Certify Your Own Dog Program

Dog Foster Training

New Adoption Preparation

Online Skills Training Course – 23 Videos


Non Disclosure Agreement

Agreement for Personal Applicant Adoption

Agreement for Assisted Applicant Adoption

Therapy Dog Adjudicator Contract

Waiver of Liability for Adjudicators


Email Scripts

Click the following link to open the web page with organizational Email Scripts

Companion Paws Resources for Members

Certified Members can access all Companion Paws documents and Skills Training videos on the Companion Paws Resources page. This page can also be found by clicking the Login button at the top navigation on the Companion Paws website, and then clicking Companion Paws Resources.

Certified Members Login 

Companion Paws Backend Flow Charts 

Personal Adoption Program Flow Chart

Assisted Adoption Program Flow Chart

Certify Your Own Dog Program Flow Chart

Visiting Therapy Dog Program Flow Chart

Final Evaluation Flow Chart

Scheduling of Assessments and Final Evaluations Flow Chart

Companion Paws Adoption Member Flow Chart 

Personal Therapy Dog Adoption Process for Members
Assisted Therapy Dog Adoption Process for Members

Adoption Program Applications

Assisted Adoption Application
Personal Adoption Application

TLC’s Companion Paws New Adoption

Expectations and Preparation for your New Adult Rescue Video

Expectations and Preparation for Your Newly Adopted Dog

Temperament Assessment Document

Temperament Assessment

Fillable Temperament Assessment

First Temperament Assessment Registration Page

Final Evaluation Documents

Testing Guidelines for Adjudicators

Final Evaluation

Final Evaluation Marking Test

Fillable Evaluation Marking Test

Testing Guidelines for Handlers

Registration Documents:


Personal Therapy Dog Registration


Assisted Therapy Dog Registration

Assisted Therapy Dog Teams Rules


Visiting Therapy Dog Registration

Visiting Therapy Dog Team Rules

Visiting Volunteer Liability Waiver


Dog Search Standard Guidelines

  • Age range of 1.5 to 5 year’s old
  • Good with dogs, kids and adults (cats when applicant has a cat(s)
  • Calm temperament
  • Low/medium energy level
  • Gentle, very friendly and loving
  • Confident (not timid or fearful or separation anxiety)
  • Healthy
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • 15-50 pounds (adjusted for specific needs of the applicant)
  • No aggression or reactivity
  • Not a jumper
  • Not a mouther
  • Quiet (not a barker)


Sites for Available Dogs for Adoption

  • Online Search for local dog rescues on Google in adoption area
  • (you can add notifications for when new dogs become available)
  • (you can add notifications for when new dogs become available)
  • Individual rescue websites and Facebook pages.


NEON Software Management System

Click Here to access the NEON instructional page


Download Team Viewer (for software management system training)

Windows: Team Viewer

Mac: Team Viewer