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Now is an exciting time for us here at TLC. We have started our Companion Paws program, the first of its kind in Canada for Canadians in need.  Please thoroughly read through before applying for a dog in our Companion Paws program.

If you have your own well trained dog and are looking for him or her to become a Companion Paws animal for Assisted therapy, Visiting therapy or Personal therapy, please register for the mandatory pre-evaluation workshop by clicking this link.  If you have passed the pre-evaluation workshop, please click here to register for your final evaluation.

Companion Paws (Canada) pets are not Service Dogs or Guide Dogs. CPC pets are designated Therapy Animals.  Therapy Dogs are trained and tested in therapy companion obedience. Interaction with a Therapy Pet provides therapeutic, motivational, educational and recreational benefits to enhance quality of life. Therapy pets DO NOT share the public access rights granted to service pets and may be denied admittance to public places. Companion Paws pets do not have special privileges beyond those granted to any other pet in public places, on public transportation or in private buildings such as apartment blocks where the keeping of pets is restricted or prohibited.

We will be working with rescue dogs and retired service dogs.  CPC dogs will NOT be certified as service animals, the dogs are therapy companion animals. The strict level of training needed to complete the program is set by The LifeLine Foundation while the certification exam is performed by Companion Paws qualified Therapy Dog evaluators. Upon completion and passing of the therapy dog evaluation, the owner/handler will receive a CPC Therapy Dog vest, registration card and authentication letter from TLC for the CPC dog.

Applying for a Companion Paws Animal

Please complete the below application along with the required documents.

Important Documents

Your doctor’s letter stating your diagnosis with a recommendation for a therapy dog. If you rent the home you live in, you must include your landlord’s permission letter with your application. (there is a section for uploads during the process).  Any applications with missing information will not be reviewed.

Why Do You Need All This Info?

We require the below information for administration of our adoption program. Information may be used for adoption evaluation. For further information, please read our privacy policy.

What Happens After I Apply?

TLC will notify applicants as to their application status once funding has been approved for your dog. TLC reserves the right to refuse an adoption to any individual who does not meet our criteria and also reserves the right to keep our reasons for refusal confidential within the Foundation. TLC will NOT return telephone or email inquiries as to the status of your application.

Companion Paws Canada Application