In collaboration, TLC offers The Human Approach, an initiative by a an excellent therapist in Cheshire, England.  On The Human Approach website, users are offered free treatment programs for both Anxiety and Depression. The anxiety program is also suitable for people suffering from PTSD, panic attacks or phobias.

Free Active Treatment for Anxiety and Depression 

Private Therapy Delivered in Your Own Home

Four Treatments over 5 weeks

Free of Charge and Available to Everyone

Really understand what is causing your condition.
Help – which comes to you.
Take alone or have someone with you.
No waiting – available today.
Confidential – no surname required.
No need to talk about your past…in fact, no need to talk.
Does not affect current treatment or medication.
If it doesnʼt help – simply switch it off.


Welcome to the Human Approach FREE treatment centre. This is a four part program with two video sessions in each. The first will help you understand your condition, and what we will be doing to improve it. The second is a treatment video which will help you to actually reduce the effects of your condition.

After each session you will see how you are progressing, and you will receive an e-mail invitation to the next session at the appropriate time – no need to worry about forgetting. It is not possible to skip through the videos one after the other – they must be spread over the five weeks of the program.

If you are suffering from either anxiety or depression, click on the following link to watch the introduction video to find out more about the program and how it can help you.

The Human Approach Free Active Treatment Introduction Video

As some site users, by the nature of the distress, will have difficulty concentrating and sticking with a four part program, there is another website which offers one reusable session without forms to complete.

Free Active Treatments  includes;

Active Service PTSD
Social Fears
Suicide and Self Harm
Sexual Abuse
Work Related Stress
and More

You can access the free reusable sessions site at this link