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Companion Paws Canada (CPC)

Please thoroughly read through the pages about the Companion Paws Therapy Dog program before you complete a Registration or Application.

Companion Paws dogs are not Service Dogs or Guide Dogs. Companion Paws dogs are designated Therapy Dogs.  Companion Paws Therapy Dogs are trained, assessed and tested in therapy companion obedience. Interaction with a Therapy Pet provides therapeutic, motivational, educational and recreational benefits to enhance quality of life. Therapy pets DO NOT share the same public access rights granted to service pets and may be denied admittance to public places. Companion Paws Canada pets do not have special privileges beyond those granted to any other pet in public places, on public transportation or in private buildings such as apartment blocks where the keeping of pets is restricted or prohibited.

In the near future, TLC’s Companion Paws will be working with Canada’s Airlines, while also working to have our Companion Paws Personal Therapy Dogs recognized through Public Access bylaws and the Housing Act.

We offer 2 Companion Paws programs for Therapy Dog certification;

  1. TLC’s Companion Paws Personal Therapy Dog Adoption Program
  2. TLC’s Companion Paws Therapy Dog Program for Owners/Handlers Certifying their Own trained dogs for Personal, Assisted or Visiting Therapy.

Through our Companion Paws program process, we assess and test 3 types of Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs;

Personal Therapy Dog (first program of its kind in Canada): A personal therapy dog (Companion Paws emotional support dog) is a trained, temperament tested, evaluated and certified dog that brings benefits to their owners/handlers that struggle with mental health conditions.

Assisted Therapy Dog: Assisted Therapy Dogs join their handler/owner (typically educators, teachers, psychologists, counsellors and doctors) at their workplace to help their students, clients, customers and/or patients.

Visiting Therapy Dog: Typically, Visiting Therapy Dogs visit hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing homes and more. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs are encouraged to interact with a variety of people while they are on-duty including petting the therapy dog.

Companion Paws Personal Therapy Dog Adoptions

Now is a very exciting time for us here at TLC. We have expanded our Companion Paws Adoption program across the country, the first of its kind in Canada for Canadians in need.  If you are interested in knowing more about our Companion Paws Personal Therapy Dog Program, please click the following link Therapy Dog Adoption to take you to the Adoption page for the complete program process details, requirements and how to apply.

Certifying Your Own Dog Companion Paws Therapy Dog

Certifying your own personal pet as a Companion Paws Therapy Dog is available as part of the Companion Paws (CPC) program for Personal therapy, Assisted therapy and Visiting therapy. If you have your own very well trained dog and are looking for him or her to become a Companion Paws dog for Personal, Assisted or Visiting therapy, please click the following link Certify Your Own Dog for more information, the complete program process, requirements and how to register for the program.